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Hawthorn in pregnancy

Hawthorn in pregnancy


The people believed that the use of herbs is not only always harmless, but always benefit the body. This is absolutely not true, because infusions and herbal teas - is primarily a drug, so if you decide to take a decoction or infusion needed to consult with your doctor. Doctors recommend that severely restrict the use of even a time-tested and the influence of popular herbal tea to two cups per day.

Incidentally, if you think about it, then everyone has long known that some herbs in Tibet today and cure the most complex and often incurable disease. So, once the drug is for each drug has its contraindication. For example, such harmless grass, or sassafras as mistletoe can cause a pregnant woman's diarrhea, vomiting, and can lower her blood pressure or cause heart palpitations, and even allergic reactions.

Needless to say, that of coffee during pregnancy also should be discarded. If you're really a coffee lover, then replace it nekofeinovymi drinks, such as Golden Sheaf.

If you are a lover of tea, but also more and herbal tea, then there can not do without meeting with a specialist.

As for the universal grass, which should not be afraid of pregnancy, it is primarily green tea. It is two times less than the amount of caffeine, and he brings a good many times - it also contains antibacterial properties, it can kill even dysenteric bacillus. This drink is not only withdraw from your body's toxins but also produces a complete cleaning of your stomach and even the intestines, and yet it is well to use as a prevention for cancer. Still there are many other positive attributes - for example, it has a natural diuretic, is a prophylactic against kidney stones.

If you do not like it in taste or any other plan, give preference to small fruit and flower decoction, tinctures and compotes.

With regard to our grass - hawthorn, it means well (only in moderation) in the prevention and treatment of insomnia during pregnancy. He lowers his action excitability of the nervous system.

To prepare this remedy, you need to take a large spoonful of the concentrated juice powder infusion of hawthorn, two large spoons of yogurt, half a small spoon of honey, some cinnamon and a banana. Beat the resulting mass as long as we do not get foamy mass. Such is the usual brew you can drink it often, every day, but do not overdo it.


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